These are just a few of our accomplishments. You can find more examples of our work on our Facebook page as well as follow along on the projects we have going on in the shop! Follow us on facebook.

Oud Neck Repair

This beautiful Oud (rhymes with "hood"), similar to an english lute but without frets, came to me with the neck severed at the body. The next several pictures show how I brought it back to life.

D 18 Crack Repair

How did a hole get in the side of this Martin? When an input jack is installed on the side of the guitar instead of the endblock, cracks can develop, sometimes quickly and violently. These pictures detail how I repaired the crack and filled the hole on this D-18.

Epiphone Acoustic - Back Repair

These pictures detail the repair done on this Epiphone acoustic guitar that was damaged during shipping.

Gibson Hollow Body - Heel Repair

This Gibson was brought in needing a neck reset. However, the heel had already been "repaired", complicating the project. These pictures detail how I get this guitar back to its former glory.

Gibson J-45 Headstock Repair

This headstock was violently broken off with virtually no surface area to glue it back on. The solution was to fabricate a piece of mahogany to join the headstock and neck together. These pictures chronicle the repair, completed in the summer of 2013.

Les Paul - Custom Headstock Repair

These next few pictures show the repair on this Gibson headstock. This repair was very similar to my previous post on a J-45 headstock, only this was a Les Paul with opaque black paint instead of translucent brown--making the repair easier to hide, as if it never happened. For a more detailed account of this kind of headstock repair checkout my J-45 headstock repair.